A Movie Drinking Game for Blade

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Waterfall in the beginning during the BLOODBATH scene. The youngest one in the group is the last who can put down his/her beer. Sorry, young one, but your world is a SUGAR COATED TOPPING.
  2. A vampire burns up or explodes. And you might as well drink when they cook that fat vampire for no reason too.
  3. Quinn, the comedian vampire, gets fucked up. We drink to show our sympathy.
  4. Blade is visibly pleased with his handiwork (be it his gadgets or how good he is as murdering the shit out of vampires).
  5. A vampire speaks in their vampire language.
  6. The term “Daywalker” is used.
  7. We are all educated in the ways of the vampire and the super-powers of Blade.
  8. It is said or insinuated that someone is or isn’t a “pure-blood” vampire. Vampire racism is real and it’s fucked up.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Finish your beer if you look at Traci Lords’ boobs at the beginning.
  2. Finish your beer when Blade proclaims that it is “Open season on all suck-heads.” Possibly the greatest quote in movie history.
  3. Party as HARD AS YOU CAN when the female lead tells Deacon Frost to “mmmmbite me."
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