A Movie Drinking Game for Big Trouble in Little China

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. One of the wicker-hat bad guys listened to way too much Metallica and decides to Ride the Lightning.
  2. You see a jump kick! When it comes to badass kicks, the jump kick is second only to the roundhouse kick, but Jean Claude Van Damme holds the copyright on that one.
  3. Someone mentions "green eyes" or there is a dramatic green eyes close-up. Funny, we noticed that the floating eyeball monster has like a million green eyes, but Lo Pan doesn't seem so interested in marrying him.
  4. There is unnecessary weapon twirling. We'll leave it up to you to determine what counts as "unnecessary," and also whether someone doing 6 backflips in a row holding two swords counts as "twirling."
  5. You learn a little something about the Chinese culture and its folklore. For example, the goat butts against the hedge and becomes entangled. Or something.
  6. A character travels up (e.g., by levitation or explosion) or down (e.g., by elevator or monster kidnapping).
  7. Jack says "Wang." Double-drink if he's extra cranky. You'd be cranky too if you ran over a 2,000-year old James Hong and then he stole your sweet Pork Chop Express.
  8. Our pal Ol' Jack Burton tries to play the hero and it doesn't quite work out for him. Good thing for Jack, one thing that DID work out was his choice to tuck in that rad tank top.
  9. Lo Pan shoots fluorescent beams out of his eyes and mouth. While impressive, face-beams are actually something that all moms can do. Just try throwing a fit in a crowded Pizza Hut and see what happens.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Say "Aye, ya!" and take a superstitious swig whenever a "Hell of ______" is mentioned (e.g., Hell of Boiling Oil, Hell of Upside Down Sinners, Hell of the Faraway White Castle).
  2. Take a pull from your beer whenever Jack Burton pulls a knife. Double-drink if he holds the knife in his mouth blade-in.
  3. WATERFALL for the green-pink warrior battle!! It's apparent from Lo Pan's tricky trigger fingers that he's played more than a few first-person shooters in his day.
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