A Movie Drinking Game for Battlefield Earth

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. The scene changes via the magic of PowerPoint slide animation! Having previously worked with George Lucas, the director relies heavily on "Split," but we're surprised he didn't jazz it up more with "Grow & Turn," "Bounce," or even "Random Bars." Hmm. Maybe it wasn't in the $75 million budget?
  2. The stress of being a government cog really gets to John Travolta -- I mean, Terl -- and he throws a hissy fit. You can't really blame him -- these corporate crap-heads can't even get some rat-brained man-animals in here to fix this crap-lousy ceiling! AARRGHH!!
  3. Someone (human or horse) gets hit with something (e.g., lazer) in the back. But don't worry, that horse is fine (oops, spoiler alert). I guess the Psychlos just felt like temporarily stunning him with a green lazer? It could be worse (see: off-screen herd-of-cows massacre).
  4. You hear the words "man-animal" or "rat-brain." Bonus points if you can somehow work these words into an otherwise normal conversation at your place of work. (BONUS BONUS: Submit your own quote in our Comments section -- best entry gets a prize! Suggested words are: man-animal, rat-brain, crap-lousy, crap-heads, gold, leverage, ec-o-nom-i-cal)
  5. You notice John Travolta's -- I mean, Terl's -- six-fingered hairy claw. Double drink if all of the fingers move, point, grab things, etc. EXCEPT the rubbery extra pinky.
  6. A Psychlo threatens someone with vaporization! Much like our own government, the Psychlos run on a complicated, bloated system of bureaucracy that functions only with the constant threat of vaporization. We'd say drink again when someone actually does get vaporized, but [SPOILER ALERT] that doesn't happen. Just LIKE the government to not carry through, am I right?
  7. A man-animal receives some Psychlo education. We think it's nice that Terl takes time out of his busy government job to spend time with the little rat-brain. And why not? It's important to teach the man-animal how to fly a plane, escape from prison, become fluent in Psychlo, and read the Declaration of Independence to... mine for gold? Wait a minute, Terl, maybe you should just use some of your space travel technology to mine that gold... No? I'm now going to be vaporized?
  8. Someone (OK, John Travolta) grabs a person by the throat. This really seems to be his go-to move. You'd think that the rat-brain would start to see it coming after the fourth or fifth time. Just move to the side! You know he's going for that throat!
Bonus Drinks
  1. Toast to bureaucracy whenever a Psychlo knocks back some green glow drink (a.k.a. Mountain Dew + Hpnotiq).
  2. Take a sideways sip whenever the camera is NOT at an angle. (Note: not all bonus rules may be applicable to this movie)
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