A Movie Drinking Game for Arrested Development

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Mandatory Drinks

How To Play:

The rules are simple. First, pick a character (or two) from the list below. (Or, if you prefer, cut out the images, put them in a bowl, and have everyone in your group take a pick.) Whenever your character acts out one of the rules, take a drink! Remember, some of the rules apply to all characters.

Drink Whenever:

  1. Scolds the family. What's the point of being the responsible one if you can't berate everyone else?
  2. Insults someone under his breath. This is a classic passive-aggressive tactic that will surely bring you straight to the top of a "don't buy" company.
  3. Can't let it go and needs to have the last word.
George Michael
  1. Has some trouble with his love life. Though he likes the way the French think, it's as Ann as the nose on plain's face that he's not going to be able to pull if off with Maeby.
  2. Is put in an awkward situation. But, luckily, sometimes they pay off -- like knowing the difference between bunkers in Iraq and his uncle's balls.
  3. Is forced into some family bonding time. You're never too old to sit on your Dad's lap to drive, right?
  1. Insults someone. You'd be a little testy too if all you had in your system was vodka and an estrogen pill.
  2. Is drinking.
  3. Is a terrible mother. See rules #1 and #2.
George Sr.
  • Touches (or attempts to touch) someone. It counts if it's his twin brother Oscar.
  • Displays unethical behavior, like some light treason or breaking out of prison repeatedly.
  • Runs things from behind the scenes and manipulates, or tries to manipulate, his family. He's right, though, sometimes the softball game is the most important thing.
  • Flirts with anyone. She can't seem to give it away, but don't feel bad for her -- no one can land Tom Jane.
  • Insults someone, usually her husband Tobias.
  • Becomes involved or is involved with or reminisces about being involved with a charitable cause. Hands Off Our Penises (HOOP) and Ladies of Literacy are just two examples of these worthy causes.
  • Rebels against her parents. Her rebellion would go a lot farther if they remembered they had a daughter.
  • Takes after her Pop-Pop and schemes or cons her way into getting what she wants. Lesson one in scheming: if you're getting cornered, you can always deflect by yelling either "Marry me" or "Babysit me."
  • Sasses someone. Unfortunately for Maeby, most of her sassin', like her rebellion, goes completely unnoticed.
  • Is being a Momma's boy. But can you really fault him for it? Don't tell me that after 11 months in the womb you wouldn't want to marry your mother too.
  • Says "Hey, Brother."
  • Is treated like a child. We suppose this is subjective -- maybe plenty of 32-year-olds aren't allowed to stand in the sun, swim in the ocean, stand next to microwaves, or drink juice.
  • Says "family." Sure, there's been a lot of lying in the family, but also a lot of love. But more lies.
  • Misunderstands the situation. We'd give you examples, but it's a lot more fun to just watch any 5 minutes of the show.
  • Asks for money. It's easy to give the Bluth family a hard time for asking for money, but then you remember that they are completely incapable of holding down jobs.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Take a secretive sip whenever there's a nevernude sighting.
  2. Drink (and immediately regret it) when a character says "I've made a huge mistake."
  3. Try out your own signature moves whenever you see the CHICKEN DANCE.
  4. Take a swig if you see a celebrity cameo! (e.g., Tom "I'm Tom Jane" Jane, or Carl "You Got a Stew Goin" Weathers).
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