A Movie Drinking Game for American Psycho

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Mandatory Drinks
Drink whenever:
  1. Someone says “Paul Allen.” Admittedly, it IS fun to say. Paul Allen.
  2. Patrick Bateman starts rocking out to some classic yuppie conformist 80’s music. Double drink if he dances! It’s easy to look good dancing to New Order when you’re high on coke and your own insatiable bloodlust. Ahh, the eighties...
  3. A designer name or luxury product is casually mentioned. Remember, it’s not just a name -- it’s QUALITY. The next time you’re stuffing a dead body into the trunk of a town car and your Brand X corpse bag busts open, you’re going to wish you’d gone... Jean Paul Gaultier.
  4. You see an awesome giant 80’s cordless phone. There’s no better way to show off how upwardly mobile you are than with an mobile cordless phone upwards of 5 lb 7 oz in weight!
  5. Someone mentions “Dorsia.” We never actually get to see Dorsia. Maybe, like Patrick Bateman, it “simply is not there”? No, no it’s there, we just have absolutely no pull in this city.
  6. Bateman offers someone some advice. I’m sure he’s “coming from a good place,” but telling someone to get a job and then stabbing them to death in an alley seems a little too “tough love” for our tastes.
  7. Patrick Bateman nonchalantly drops some crazy talk and/or people ignore the fact that he’s a complete psycho. Ladies, next time you go on that OK Cupid date with your “98% match,” be sure to watch out for the:
    • 5 Signs Your Date is a Psycho Yuppie Serial Killer Douchebag.
    • #1. He says he works on Wall Street.
    • #2. He’s really REALLY into Huey Lewis and the News.
    • #3. He only has, like, condiments in his fridge. And a human head.
    • #4. He tries to feed a stray cat to an ATM machine (even though you told him like a million times you’re not into that).
    • #5. He has to return some videotapes.
Bonus Drinks
  1. Slowly sip your drink and ponder the meaning of nothingness whenever Patrick Bateman looks at his own cold visage in the mirror. Double drink if he's banging some chick at the same time!
  2. Knock back some J&B, straight, and a Corona whenever Patrick has to return some videotapes.
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great drawings!

David P.
Love that movie!  The ending was a serious mindf**k, though.  How about everyone else has to drink another couple of shots if you can still explain that ending WHILE drunk?