We get questions all the time about rules, games, how we decide what games to do, why we’re such nerds, what our bust size is, etc. And that's just from our moms! No, just kidding, no one talks to us. But we figured we’d list some of the common questions here anyway in case you ARE curious and don't want to wait for a response. Enjoy!

  1. I’m not of legal age, should I be drinking alcohol?
    ABSOLUTELY NOT. I suppose it’s questionable if anyone should be drinking alcohol or playing these games, but certainly you shouldn’t. Have you ever seen a drunk kid? There’s nothing more pathetic and embarassing…well, maybe a drunk pregnant woman. The reason there’s a “legal drinking age” is because if your body isn’t ready for it and you don’t know your limits, you can seriously hurt yourself or even kill yourself with alcohol. And if you’re hurting yourself or drinking until you puke, then the game isn’t fun anymore and that’s the whole point of playing them, right? For fun?
  2. I love these games and am going to drink until I puke and/or die! Should I do that?
    What the hell is wrong with you people? No! Of course you shouldn’t do that! Drink responsibly, dammit! Man, we’ve got the kid above wanting to hurt himself, now we’ve got this guy over here with the death wish. Doesn’t anyone like to just drink enough alcohol to have fun?
  3. I have a blog and want to share a game on it but can’t right click and “save as” anywhere. What the hell is your problem?
    Well, thank you for the question, though it is a bit offensive (not to mention PC-centric). Also, thank you for taking interest in the site and we think it’s great you want to share it. To share it, simply go to whatever game you want to share’s page (if you’re on the homepage, click the “chug to this" link) and then hover over the image until the “embed image” pops up in the upper left-hand corner. Click on that and copy/paste the html there into your blog/tumblr/whatever and voila, you now have a nice interactive game on your site. Yay!
  4. Hey, Troll-Boy, what’s with all the drawings?
    Okay, so I’m going to assume you’re talking to me and I’m going to assume that you’re referring to the game images Steph draws up for each movie. When we do drinking games here at DC, we always like to have a reference sheet available to remind us of the rules for the movie. Typically, Steph will write up the rules and, just for fun, draw stuff all over the sheet either during the movie or before it to get us fired up to play. So, that’s what those are -- reference sheets to use so you have quick reminders of what the rules are. If you go to the game page and hover over the image, it’ll link to a hi-res image you can print out and use yourself. Fun, right? AND WHY DID YOU CALL ME A TROLL??!!
  5. How much is a “drink?”
    Look, nobody likes the drink police, so really it’s however much someone wants to drink to commemorate that particular part of the movie. It could be a sip, a chug, a shotgun, whatever. Personally, we do “swigs” at the DCHQ (that’s “Drinking Cinema Headquarters” to the layman).
  6. What is a “waterfall?”
    Okay people, this is basic drinking games101 here, but we’ll explain it. A waterfall is where a group of people get into some sort of order (be it physically or they just know their order mentally) and they all start drinking at the same time. The first person can stop whenever, but the second person can’t stop drinking until the first does, the third person can’t stop drinking until the second does and so on. So basically you’re all trying to screw the last guy as much as possible by making him/her drink as much as possible. But how do you choose the last guy? Well, if it’s a special day for someone (like a birthday), then that person is last. Or you could just take turns being last or you could just stick the youngest person with it. It’s your adventure!
  7. What if I don’t like beer?
    Well, if you don’t drink beer, we at DC think that you’re a heartless monster. But we respect your choice to be a heartless monster. These games could be pretty rough if you try to keep up with the beer swillers and drink wine or liquor drinks instead. Plus that’s a lot of sugar. I would say proceed with caution if you’re using any alcohol over 5%.
  8. I’m straightedge (XXX, sign of the beast). Does that mean I can’t enjoy these games?
    Of course not! Just because you don’t conform to the majority and rot your brain through the use of alcohol or drugs doesn’t mean you can’t destroy your body with fast food or caffeine-free, natural soda or juice! We’ve done drinking games using White Castle before. Oh man, that was a bad idea. The room smelled SO BAD.
  9. I’m trying to find a drinking game for my favorite movie, Mrs. Doubtfire, but it’s not on your site. What’s wrong with you?
    Thank you for your question and your concern for our mental well-being. We welcome suggestions, as we are continually updating the site and withdrawing further from society. If you have a suggestion for a movie that needs a drinking game, send us an email. Keep in mind that not all movies can meet the rigorous “requirements” needed to suit a drinking game.
  10. How can I find out when a new game is posted?
    Depending on your level of desperation, you can a) check back on the site, b) follow us on Twitter or Facebook, c) email us and attach a pic of your withdrawal symptoms, or d) hand-draw a drinking game of your own and stick it to your computer screen with Elmer’s glue, next to the others.
  11. Is that Showgirls game supposed to say “Showgils?”
    Hahaha. Oh, I’m sorry Officer. I didn’t realize you worked for the spelling police. Yes, it’s supposed to say “Showgils.” This was one of the only games we could find after our many moves and was made years ago by our designer, Natalie, as a guest artist. As you can tell by the site, she’s amazing at what she does. Anyway, we loved the typo so much that we decided to keep it. It makes us laugh all the time too.
  12. Do you guys have any merch? I want to show the world my love for Gay Space Cops.
    Plans for t-shirts, beer coozies, stickers, at-home re-agent mixing kits, etc., are currently in the works. Let us know if there is something in particular you are looking for!

    Disclaimer: We think it might be copyright infringement if we put the movie names on anything and try to sell it, so if you're looking for that, we're sorry, we don't think it'll be possible. However, all drawings and rules are original and therefore fair game.
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