So, your curiosity (or boredom) has gotten the better of you and you’d like to know more? You must be really bored! Luckily, this is guaranteed to waste at least a few minutes of your time.

  • What this site is

    If you haven’t been able to tell by the homepage and game pages, this is a movie drinking game site. If you don’t know what a “movie drinking game” is, I invite you to say the words out loud (but not too loud, as someone in a nearby cubicle might hear you and put the pieces together that 90% of your time at work is spent posting on Facebook and reading websites).

  • Why this site exists

    We’ve long enjoyed the pleasure and horror that is drinking along to the best/worst films the industry has to offer, and over the years we’ve made many movie drinking games. However, like the hobos, drifters, and blues men of old, we’ve moved around so much in recent past that we keep losing our creations and having to re-make them. We created this site as a way to keep track of our movie drinking games, and also share them with the world (much to the world's chagrin).

    As you explore the site you may see some movies you know, some you don’t, and some you have desperately tried to forget. Part of why we created DrinkingCinema is to share our love of these movies. We want to help the movies get new fans, remind the old fans why they are awesome, or just burn an image into someone’s mind that will haunt their waking nightmares.

    Caveat: We know there are lots of drinking games out there, but this is just our own spin. And if even one person sitting alone at home with a fifth of Wild Irish Rose and a VCR has a fun couple of hours, it’s been worth it.

  • Who we are

    You’re still reading this? You poor bastard! But, if you insist on torturing yourself, who are we to not oblige. Here are some quick facts about us.

    • Steph
      • Artist
      • Writer
      • Editor
      • Super Power:
        Animal Whisperer
      • Spirit Animal:
        Minty Horse
    • TJ
      • Web Guy/Developer
      • Writer
      • People Person
      • Super Power:
        Happy Hour Finder
      • Spirit Animal:
    • Gregor
      • Excavator
      • Bad Movie Virtuoso
      • Social Media Maven
      • Super Power:
        Lactose Intolerance
      • Spirit Animal:
        Centaur Swayze

    • Ziggy (In Memoriam)
      • Cooler
      • Sleeper
      • Shedder
      • Super Power:
        Crypt Breath
      • Spirit Animal:
        Charles Bronson
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